Kristen Matthews

Over the past 4 years, I’ve strategized with hundreds of brands on how to implement, improve and power their influencer marketing and have gained variety of industry knowledge on this strategy.

We've seen many brands abandon the fact that part of influencer marketing is about a human-to-human connection, not just a witty tweet, and thus, there's a delicate balance to be maintained: Social media presences are demanded while consumers still ache for a human connection with the brands they support.

Virtual conferences just may be my favorite marketing tactic that I have clanging around in my tool box.

Through two online events that I’ve organized for my company, GroupHigh, I’ve been able to generate more leads for my sales team than any of my other strategies combined.

The GroupHigh event is on-demand and ready to watch – make sure you check out this great summary – there is information here on everything from the conversations you have with your customers and advocates to tools and techniques for reaching out to your community.

For decades, real-world conferences have been an effective way for businesses of all kinds to attract and engage prospective customers. When done right, real-world events allow businesses to shape and spread their message through content to a captive audience, all while networking, establishing brand credibility, and moving people through the sales process.

Virtual conferences aim to do all of the same things as a real-world event, while also being more convenient, affordable and inclusive.

Reach out to us today to chat about how we can help you create a virtual event from scratch and make it a stunning success.