Online Events

AuthentiConference was created to speak to an increasing need for online events. We have years of experience helping brands create online conferences for a variety of reasons such as lead generation, employee training, education and more!

5 years

Experience providing online facilities

Economic Sense

Online events are more cost effective than in-person events and when done right, they still have all the functionality that a real-life event has. We lend our experience to all aspects of virtual event creation from monetizing your event, lining up speakers, promoting your event and building out a robust virtual environment to host your event in..

Create Success

Reach out to us today to chat about how we can help you create a virtual event from scratch and make it a stunning success.

Our team has curated the talent to ensure your virtual conference exceeds expectations.

Our Team

Kristen Matthews


Wes Kussmaul


Kevin Poulsen


Suzanne Niles


Anto Jose


John King


Richard Parry


Carina Cyril


Bill Scheniman


Martin Boßlet


Fathima Shanoj


Sachin Sharma




Jerry Mathew John